Beautifully Born


I highly recommend Sharon McDougal. She worked with me through both of my pregnancies and delivered both of my beautiful boys. She is very knowledgeable, patient and capable. Giving birth to my boys in the comfort of my own home with this sweet midwife was more than I could of hoped my birthing experience would be. Thank you Sharon!  -JO

Sharon was amazing for my homebirth. It was our first baby so of course my husband and I were a bit nervous in general. But I knew I wanted to do things my own way. All through the months of prenatal visits Sharon was always so patient and ...
knowledgeable (I ask a LOT of questions). She always encouraged us to do our own research and make our own decisions. I was never made to feel bad for choosing or not choosing this or that. When the time came for me to deliver, things progressed faster than I expected. Sharon had already attended two other births the day before mine and must have been exhausted. But you wouldn't have known it. She was so calm and got everyone organized. She was great about supporting my husband in his support of me and encouraged me when I got frustrated. Before I knew it I had my incredible baby girl in my arms. Immediately after delivery she made sure everyone was healthy and comfortable. The postpartum care was like the prenatal. I still had lots of questions and she was always available. Now, my daughter is 11 weeks old and our whole family is doing wonderfully. My pregnancy and labor/delivery were exactly what I hoped for when I decided on a homebirth. Sharon was a big part of that. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of homebirth.  -HH

My beautiful baby girl. I don't think I could have made it through labor with out you Sharon although I had to have a hospital birth you were there every step of the way making sure my birth went as close to my birthplan as possible. And staying with my baby to make sure she was taken care of according to my birth plan. So thank you so much. Me and Jeremy are so thankful for all you did for us. -DA

We decided to work with Sharon for our pregnancy and birth for a number of personal reasons. We wanted the individualized care that can be difficult to come by in a hospital setting. We also wanted to be involved and well informed in the decision making processes involved in the outcome of our birth and aftercare. Having experienced an emergency cesarean for the birth of our first child, we needed the confidence and trust of a compassionate and professional midwife. Sharon's prenatal care was tailored to our desires while always maintaining our health and safety. Due to some concerns that arose late in the pregnancy, our care was transferred to a physician, however, Sharon stayed by our side. She was supportive, and came with us to each hospital visit to ensure that our needs were well represented. Sharon was present at the birth in the hospital, and very helpful in making sure that we were not pressured into another cesarean, which is very common. After a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), we welcomed our beautiful and healthy son into the world. There is no doubt in our minds that without Sharon's accompaniment and encouragement, we would have been coerced into unnecessary surgery. Aftercare has been every bit as personalized and considerate as prenatal care. We are so grateful to have found Beautifully Born, and to have experienced Sharon's services. Thank you deeply Sharon!

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